What Benefits Do You Get with PSN Plus?

So you just bought your new PS4, but what now? Well, if you are a hardcore gamer, your next step is to buy a subscription to PSN Plus. Now, it may seem like you won’t need this, but it offers you the best experience with your new console. Do you enjoy multiplayer online gaming? Then this is perfect for you. Do you enjoy free games every month? Then this is for you! With PSN Plus, you are able to download two (2) free games per month, per patform (i.e. PS3, PS4, and PS VITA) In addition, you can take advantage of exclusive to members only deals, as well as discounts on a large number of products available for download. Another great benefit of PSN Plus, is that you have automatic uploads to the cloud up to 10 GB, when a high speed internet connection is available. While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually allows you to pick up where you left off on any PS4 you use, such as a friends when you have gaming nights! Now, if you also enjoy having every game in a series, you can also purchase games from the Playstation store at discounted prices. Another really cool aspect of the PlayStation Plus Hub, is that you can check out revamped games before they are released to the general public, an exclusive members only benefit. In the members only portion of the “hub” you can find information about the free games being offered that month, and which discounts are being offered at the time. In addition, you can enter competitions, see what other members are up to, and get the latest news. Now, to sweeten the deal even more, you are offered several options for obtaining your subscription. You can choose either monthly, which renews every 30 days, quarterly, which renews every three months at a slightly discounted price, or finally, you can purchase and annual subscription, which offers the best discounted price, and you only have to remember once a year.

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