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PlayStation Plus PSN Code

We Found a Free PSN Codes Generator That Actually Works in 2018!

We’re glad to announce that we’ve finally found a working generator for obtaining free PSN Codes. It can be found at, where you just navigate to their online generator tool, and then everything should be easy to follow from there. Before finding this generator, I had tested more than 20 different PSN code generators, and […]

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When Will the PlayStation 5 Be Released? And what features to expect?

Upon the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro, gamers have been speculating when the PlayStation 5 will be announced for release. For the longest time, gamers only had the opinions of Damian Thong, who was accurately able to predict the releases of the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. Thong claims that Sony will most […]

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What Benefits Do You Get with PSN Plus?

So you just bought your new PS4, but what now? Well, if you are a hardcore gamer, your next step is to buy a subscription to PSN Plus. Now, it may seem like you won’t need this, but it offers you the best experience with your new console. Do you enjoy multiplayer online gaming? Then […]

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How to Delete Your PlayStation Network Account

Sometimes in life, we find that we need to make some changes. Whether it be an old email account we created when we were younger, or a decision to change up our favorite gaming systems. One complication you may encounter if your are switching from PSN, is deleting your account. For example, you’ve deleted all […]

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ps4 vs xbox

PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live: What Are the Differences?

Since the beginning of the digital age, technology has seen the advancements of several devices, software, and streaming services that not only provide the everyday consumer with more entertainment options than ever before but each technological advancement and device also provides several customization options as it pertains to the personalization of gaming consoles and what […]

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