How to Delete Your PlayStation Network Account

Sometimes in life, we find that we need to make some changes. Whether it be an old email account we created when we were younger, or a decision to change up our favorite gaming systems. One complication you may encounter if your are switching from PSN, is deleting your account. For example, you’ve deleted all information on your account such as credit card numbers and friend lists, but now you want to take it a step further and delete the overall account, only to find that you are unable to do so. At this time, the only accounts eligible for player deletion are sub accounts. A sub account is generally an account created by a player who already owns a master account. Accounts of this nature are generally created for underage users, such as your children. However, if for any reason a master account holder deems the sub account unnecessary, they may chose to delete the account. Now, if you are trying to delete a master account, that’s a whole different ballgame. Right now, PlayStation doesn’t allow players to delete their own accounts outside of the subs. However, if you email them, they will provide you assistance in doing so. For this to happen however, you must email them from the email address associated with your player id. Also, you must be able to verify the account with sensitive information, such as the user name and password. The reason you are unable to close the account yourself is for your protection. Fairly often, we delete accounts by accident. Unlike with email companies, you can’t retrieve the information once it has been deleted. By allowing support services to delete the account, you ensure you are certain you want to proceed. After all, once the account is deleted, all of your downloaded material becomes in accessible, and who wants to lose their favorite.

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