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We Found a Free PSN Codes Generator That Actually Works in 2018!

We’re glad to announce that we’ve finally found a working generator for obtaining free PSN Codes. It can be found at, where you just navigate to their online generator tool, and then everything should be easy to follow from there.

Go To Their Working Generator

Before finding this generator, I had tested more than 20 different PSN code generators, and sadly none of them worked. So, therefore, I had totally given up on finding a working one. It was first when my friend Daniel recommended this tool that I decided to give it a chance. I just thought he was joking, and I didn’t think that this generator would actually work. But hey, here I am with 1 year of PS Plus membership that I received thanks to this generator. The process was actually surprisingly simple, and it only took me a few minutes to get my code which I then redeemed on my account which to my surprise actually turned out to work. I did have to complete a sponsor offer in order to receive my code, but hey it didn’t take me long, and I guess it supports them in a way.

How To Get Free PSN Codes With Their Generator

  1. Go to
  2. Select a PSN voucher or a PS Plus membership card.
  3. Press “Start”.
  4. Wait for the code to be created.
  5. Complete the sponsor offer.
  6. You get your code.

Not only do they provide free PSN voucher codes. They also provide free PS plus codes which is nice.

How Can They Provide this PSN Code Generator For Free?

That’s a good question. It also amazed me how they were able to provide me these $50 codes for free. Therefore, I decided to write an email to one of the guys behind the tool. His name is Kevin, and he claims that they have a lot of good sponsor deals and display ads on their site which is almost enough to pay for the cards. The sponsor offer you have to complete just before getting your code is supposedly what pays for the code.

How Many Codes Can I Generate From Them?

Their site doesn’t say anything about a limit, but I’ve heard from some friends that they started getting blocked from the site after having generated 2 codes. I myself have only tried 1 code so far, but I will definitely try some more in a few days. I would imagine that they have some sort of limit in place in order to make sure that someone doesn’t run away with thousands of PlayStation codes. But as their website claims these sponsor offers are also a great way to prevent bots from abusing their system which I suppose would prevent that kind of stuff.

The Features That We Liked

the psn code generator is easy to use

The UI of the generator is very easy to use.

  • The fact that it works – Of course, this is at the top of our list. This generator is the 1% of PSN code generators that actually work. Sadly there’s a lot of scams out there, but we were happy to see that this one wasn’t a scam and that it was actually working.
  • The UI – The user interface of their website is very easy to use and it’s super smooth. This resulted in me being able to generate myself a code in 2 minutes even though I’m far from good with computers.
  • Device Safety – Their solution is hosted online in the cloud which means that you won’t have to download anything or install a program on your computer or phone. This is really convenient because this means that you’ll save a lot of time and you’re guaranteed that this tool does not contain malware.

Room For Improvement

As much as I liked using this generator I also think that there is room for improvement. I must admit that completing the sponsor offer was a bit boring. It would be great if we could get a PSN code without having to complete a small offer, but then again, it’s probably what pays for the code. Their customer support also isn’t super-fast at getting back to you. Not that I think I would need to get in contact with them in the future. But I can understand that this is just a hobby project, and for that reason, I understand why this is the case.

Go To Their Working Generator

Please Keep This Tool Private

It’s no secret that this PSN code generator has been receiving a lot of traction over the past few months. I’m not sure if Sony has an interest in stopping this tool from working. But just to be safe I’d highly appreciate if you don’t share this trick with too many people. Just like you, I want to keep being able to use this tool in the future.

Thank You For Reading

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