What Happened to Crash Bandicoot: Why did it die?

When Sony released the PlayStation back in the 1990s, Crash Bandicoot was one of the most popular games of the time. However, it failed to retain this popularity and eventually the franchise came to an end. There are several reasons that may have led to this demise.

The original company that developed the game for Sony was Naughty Boy and they produced the first three games. This was the period when Crash Bandicoot was really popular and the storylines of these three games felt connected. They were also all platform style games and this was something that really worked for the majority of players. When Naughty Boy left Sony then the games began to feature in a number of different genres and this did not sit well with many fans.
One of the main things that fans started to dislike about the games were that it seemed as if they were just being made for the sake it it. There were another 12 games made after Naughty Boy left and fans felt that some of these went in a completely different direction compared to the first three games.
Some people also felt that the character of Crash was not strong enough to keep the franchise going in the long term. He could not be described as an iconic character in the same way as Sonic or Mario could. This point was proven when the games that involved Crash racing in go karts did not become as successful as was hoped.
In 2017 the original three games were released as the N.Sane Trilogy. This game was met favourably by fans as most of them feel that the first three games that were developed by Naughty Boy were the best games of the series. For the moment, Crash Bandicoot is back but if history is anything to go by then it is probably a good idea if they stop at the first three games.

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