PlayStation Network Throughout the Years: A Story

The PlayStation Network is Sony’s online service for their PlayStation home and handheld consoles. It’s story is very interesting. Here’s a the PlayStation Network story, through the years.

Rudimentary Online Features – 2000

The PlayStation 2 had an add-on that allowed you to use it’s unnamed online service often called Netplay. Sony didn’t run this service, it was only available through certain games using 3rd party servers. But, during the development of the PlayStation 3, Sony hinted of an online service run by them, that is integrated deeply within the system, and would allow online play, and even would allow digital games to downloaded. In March 2006, Sony officially announced the “PlayStation Network Platform” More details were revealed later that year at the Tokyo Game Show.

Early Years – 2006 – 2010
When the PlayStation 3 released in November 2006, games loved the service. The digital store, “The PlayStation Store” was a huge success too. Sony added their online service to their PSP line of portables as time went on. Everything went smoothly, more games integrated online features, the Playstation Store kept growing, all for free. But, in 2010, Sony announced a paid service to expand PlayStation Network’s features. The exclusive features included store discounts, early access to games, cloud storage for save data, and system and game updates to be downloaded automatically. PlayStation Plus did well, boasting 26.4 million paid users as of March 2017.

Whoops! – 2011 and 2014

The PlayStation Network has lost trust over time due to the infamous hacks. The first hack happened in April 2011, when the service was hacked and personal information like credit card numbers were stolen. Sony temporarily shut down the service to recover and this lasted for 23 days. Sony started a “Welcome Back” program for effected users, that gave users 30 days of PlayStation Plus, and existing subscribers 60 free days. Effected users also got two free games for the PS3 and 2 free games for the PSP line of systems. This tainted PlayStation’s reputation. This isn’t all though. On December 25th, 2014 a team of hackers shut down the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services. This was fixed soon, but due to it being on Christmas, many people were upset or disappointed.

Happily Ever After – 2013 – Onwards

Following the release of the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation Network keeps running smoothly, while it keeps growing. There is a few speed bumps though, the PlayStation 4 requires a PlayStation Plus subscription for online play, and PlayStation Plus prices grew at the end of July 2017.

That’s the story of the PlayStation Network. It truly is the premier online service for PlayStation users. It’s still growing, to this day. And with PSN codes you’ll get access to a lot of content that it has to offer.

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