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PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live: What Are the Differences?

Since the beginning of the digital age, technology has seen the advancements of several devices, software, and streaming services that not only provide the everyday consumer with more entertainment options than ever before but each technological advancement and device also provides several customization options as it pertains to the personalization of gaming consoles and what not. Such is the case for the debate of what console is truly better than the other(s). While there are many different gaming consoles available on the market Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox console still remain the giants in the gaming industry. As such, both offer two differing online gaming networks that offer different features and are setup entirely differently. This article will briefly discuss PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live: What Are the Differences?

In order to truly distinguish between the PlayStation Network vs. Xbox Live: What Are the Differences? each gaming system will be discussed individually as it pertains to what makes each one different. For starters, the PlayStation Network is a media streaming service that has just about everything to offer that has almost everything any other gaming system has in terms of the concept. While the setup is quite different the core differences, as it concerns the PSN, lies in the fact that all aspects of the system are individually integrated. Please allow an explanation. Although there is provided access to several media outlets such as Spotify and movie rentals and purchases that can be made via the PlayStation Store the only true cross integration comes in the form of being able to access games that were once played on a PS3 through the PS4 in addition to the Windows platform. Now if you’re looking for free PSN codes it’s also possible, which is a big plus for PSN.

On the other hand, however, Xbox Live (developed by Microsoft) allows for multiple functionalities in that various tasks can be done while playing a given game. While all this functionality and multitasking is built into the system to get players more involved with friendly competition and the entirety of the Xbox community the differences between Xbox Live and the PSN is that there is a lot more room to be more mobile via a vast multitude of various compatible devices ranging from the Windows PC to a smartphone or tablet. In addition to playing no matter the location, Xbox Live gives more customizable options via avatar creation. While all the different media formats are also compatible with the Xbox system this particular gaming system is capable of handling other functions such as broadcasting or chatting while competing toward in-game challenges and goals to win the game. One of the last major differences between the PSN and Xbox Live setups is that there is more storage space available for personalized and customizable content than with the PSN. Also worth mentioning, is the vast selection of digital games available as well as tournament play.

Ultimately, it appears as though, in an effort to remain completely unbiased, that Xbox Live is the best setup between the two systems as it has the most to offer. While the preference to one over the other is up to personal choice Xbox Live leaves room for various tasks that range from game selection, media playback, in-game multitasking, and so much more.

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